Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Socrates was a blogger

Socrates never wrote anything, as far as we know. But there is something about the Socratic method that is strikingly similar to today’s sexy new blogasphere.

Most of what we know about Socrates came from the texts of Plato, who used the character of Socrates to weave dialogues in his texts, like the Republic.

Legend has it that a wise oracle told Socrates at a very young age, that he was the smartest person in Athens.

This he could not believe.

So he went to those that he assumed must be smarter than him, but found that all of them seemed to think they knew everything, when in actuality, new nothing.

"The only difference between them and I," he said, "Is that I know nothing, and am aware of it, but they know nothing, but think they know everything."

Socrates devoted his life to open source knowledge, and even more relevant to the blogasphere, dialogue. Socrates would have blogged, because the blogasphere is modern Greek gathering place, for dialogue and ultimately to find truth.


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