Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Brands are beautiful things. A brand is a community.

The textbook says that a brand is an owned thought, an association. I would say that it is a community, a common emotion, a belonging. To be loyal to a brand is to be a part of a community.

Basically, brands bring people together. But that is not really all.

Rob asked me to write a paper on how ads make the world a better place. I think that they do, I really do.

So I will be slowly crafting my argument.

A better world: brought to you by our sponsor, brands are love

Some people find advertising to be an annoyance. It is always comming between them and the final vote on Survivor. Or making them wait before their online movie or game loads. Or stairing back at them from the side of the street, or a bench, or bus stop, or pregnant womans belly. Some people hate advertising. They see it as more than annoying, they see it as harmful.

I see it as a possable future paycheck. But my intrest in advertising is not purely monatary, I see something else in it entirley. There are many faults that can be found in advertising, and social questions that can be raised regarding its form up until now. I also know that for all it's faults, advertising is a generally good endevour with many social benifits. In short, advertising is good.

One arguement against advertising is that it is invasive ----

There are many reasons to dispise advertising, or at least, many reasons have been brought to the table. Some say that advertisements degrade women by using them as sexual objects ect. But what do these various possabilities about the medium say about it?